Extra Services...

In-Home Pet Sitting:The benefits of In-Home Pet Sitting:
First and foremost, your dog is not taken out of their own environment. This greatly
reduces stress they experience at a boarding facility, which houses many other dogs at
the same time. With ECO DOG NYC In-Home Pet Sitting, your dog receives 100% one on
one attention since there are no other dogs to compete with. It’s very important to keep
your dog structured in your absence, which is why we follow your feeding, walking and
exercise routines. If you currently use ECO DOG NYC services, your dog might already be
familiar with our handlers. Either way, we visit your home prior to the overnight and get
to know your dog on his/her turf. We are fully insured and offer references upon
request. For an additional $20/day fee we’ll take care of kitty too! Please see our
page for In-Home Pet Sitting rates and our Overnight Package with Daycare!

Eco-Cams: Our facility proudly offers free doggie cams so you can watch your dog
play in our yellow, green or blue rooms Monday - Saturday. Ask any ECO DOG NYC
staffer for the User ID & password. Click here to see the action:

Gift Certificates: Available at our store for any occasion.
EcoDogNYC will be closed
Saturday Sept 3rd thru Monday
Sept 5th in observance of Labor
Day. We will re-open on Tues
Sept 6th at 7:30AM

Have a fun and safe Holiday!