Eco Dog NYC...

How I Started…

Eco Dog NYCThe idea for Eco Dog NYC grew out of the deep emotional connection I always had with dogs, not only my dogs but all dogs. Since 2005 they provided me needed “therapy” when I was stricken with a debilitating illness. 

I enjoy caring for other peoples pets especially when I see the bond of happiness between them and their owners.  I found that it brought joy and fulfillment to my life beyond just having my own dog.  

Opening Eco Dog NYC to offer pet care using natural and holistic products combined with my love of dogs and respect for our planet allowed a long time dream to come true.  

The Williamsburg community was the perfect place to plant the seed for my dream that has since flourished .  

I am truly thankful to every parent for trusting me and my staff to provide their dog love and care when they are not home.

Adrienne Harris 

Our Vision...

Devotion to your dog, respect for our planet.

A neighborhood place for pets and their people to be welcomed into our Eco Dog “pack”.


What Makes Us Special?

Owned and operated by a native New Yorker, since 2011 Eco Dog NYC has become a Williamsburg staple.  We provide the very best customer service. 

Our love for dogs is contagious!


Lets Get Started...

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