Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a sampling of frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if any questions you may have were not addressed


We welcome visitors at any time when our lobby is open. No appointment is necessary for a tour.

For reservations please call  718-218-9ECO (9326). You can also contact us through the contact forms displayed throughout the website and email-

It is best to feed your dog at least 1 hour before dropping him off at Daycare to prevent any bloat from occurring. Bloat can be caused from playing too soon after eating.

If it has been less than 1 hour since your dog has eaten by the time you check-in, please inform the front desk team for the safety and well-being of your pet

We recommend that you bring your pet’s usual food from home to avoid an upset tummy. All dry food must be divided into meal-sized portions and packed in individual sealed sandwich bags or containers with each bag labeled with the pet’s name. Canned food as well as fresh food, like chicken or vegetables, is also welcome.

We encourage dogs to play however they can be territorial and risk danger when playing with another dogs toy. 

Our pup playground areas have stairs and ramps in each area along with our handlers for their entertainment.

Eco Dog NYC Dog Daycare and Grooming Pets:

Must be fully vaccinated with up to date Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella.

The vaccination certificate must be signed by a Licensed  Veterinary.

(As per NYC Dept of Health requirements).

We highly encourage that your pet is vaccinated with the Canine Flu vaccine.

In the case of an illness or injury, we will quickly assess the situation to determine the best plan of action. We will notify the incident to the owner/caretaker.

Eco Dog NYC will follow the directions of the Veterinary Release Form in the case a pet should become injured or sick. It is Client’s responsibility to maintain a current Form on file.

Client accepts responsibility for all medical expenses and other damages resulting from an injury to the Handler/Pet Sitter, other persons or other animal(s) caused by the Client’s pet(s) or negligent act.

Being away from home can be more stressful for older pets then younger ones. They are more set in their ways, and their patterns are more deeply ingrained.

We have taken steps to make sure your senior pet goes home happy. We do our best to keep your pet comfortable and as close to the pets schedule the same as at home.

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