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You can complete the registration for ECO DOG NYC using the form below.

For a copy of our complete Membership Application, please click here: MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION PDF

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:I certify that I am the owner of the agent of the owner of the aforementioned pet, and that I am authorized to board/groom/daycare the pet and sign this form.
I authorize ECO DOG NYC to contact my veterinarian to confirm health, temperament and vaccinations. I give consent to ECO DOG NYC to act on my behalf by obtaining veterinary care at my expense, should ECO DOG NYC deem it necessary.
I have read the schedule of fees and agree to pay all charges at checkout, unless previously arranged. I authorize ECO DOG NYC to charge my credit card account, if so provided, for any outstanding invoices.
I release ECO DOG NYC (and its agents and employees) from any liability or claim due to sickness, injury or death of my pet, unless ECO DOG NYC has been negligent in the care of my pet.
I understand that under no circumstances will ECO DOG NYC be liable for consequential damages or damages beyond the replacement value of my dog.